Goliath Crane

Goliath Crane Manufacturer

Electrofab designs and manufactures gantry cranes in single girder and double girder configurations. These cranes can be completely customized for SWL, span, lifting height, speeds, and a class of duty depending on the application.

They are used in heavy services like steel stockyards, pre-cast segment, construction sites, and many outdoor applications.

  • Available in Single girder & Double girder
  • Capacity :- 12.5 T To 200 T
  • Options available in portal and semi portal cranes.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Ideal for material handling in warehouses, construction sites and transport firms.
  • Typically used for unloading and dispatching equipment for variety of applications.
  • We provide single girder, double girder models and semi goliath cranes.

Market Area

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