Single Girder EOT Cranes

Single Girder EOT Cranes

Electrofab single girder EOT cranes offer convenience and safety. With a wide range of lifting capacities between 1Ton and 12.5t, Electrofab serves many small and large manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Our cranes provide a safe, reliable and flexible solution for the changing lifting needs to respond to the dynamic business requirements.

Electrofab specializes in custom built long span cranes. We specialize in custom built long span cranes where finite element analysis is used to optimize the natural frequency and design a robust structure for smooth operation.

We offer cranes in a range of standard electric wire rope hoists or chain hoists depending on the requirement. Low headroom hoists are used where vertical space is at a premium to achieve maximum lift. Precise control of all motions is achieved through variable frequency drives.

We offer Single Girder EOT Crane with Chain Hoist & Wire Rope Hoist. Designed to match the space available in your manufacturing facility. Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes are supplied with control pendants and festoon cable supply along the crane bridge.

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